What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-08-28 20:57:13 (UTC)

Missed one

Sorry for skipping an entry yesterday. I was tired, and
didn't have much to write. I went out with my grandmother
and she bought me some things for my birthday. I got new
shoes, a new skirt and new socks. I love them all. My party
seems to be going ahead tomorrow too. So now my mom's on a
cleaning trip. Household cleaner smell tickles my nose. I
don't like it.

So today, me and nana went up and got material to make a
skirt. It's really nice material. Nice and black, just the
way I like it. It's going to have a slit up the side.
Anyways, we brought it home and started to make it, but
sewed up the wrong side (the one that was supposed to have
the slit in it) so we had to take it all out. By the time
we did that I had to go home for supper. So we're going to
do it later.

I'm dying my hair tomorrow! Burgandy! It's going to look so
nice. I'd like to have it black again, but I want something
different, you know? So burgandy it is. And then black. And
then I'm going to get a spiral perm. *sigh* All my
babysitting money wasted on my hair. I was going to save it
up for a nice video camera to film "I'll Tell The World".
We're hoping to have a nice long script done by summer so
we can start filming. I have a nice idea for one scene
where one of the characters is walking alone in the rain.
Hope the person playing that part doesn't mind getting wet.
But I'm going to have to take that up with Heather.

We're hoping to get a lot of people in our group to play
some of the parts. Heather's playing Cameron, Taylor's best
friend, and I'm playing Brianna. Brianna's a bitch though.
*L*. Kerri's going to play Scott's bands manager. It's
going to be cool. If anyone of my friends reads this, and
they want to have a part, just contact me. You know my
email address. And if you don't, you know my ICQ. Anyways,
I really hope that ITTW works out. All our ideas are kick
ass. Really, they are.

So now I'm listening to "Fare Thee Well Love". We sang it
in choir, but I'm listening to the Rankin's version. Did
you know that they're my cousins? Distant cousins, but
we're related all the same. They're not close enough to
give me presents, but we're still related. *L*.

Erin's been telling everyone that my party tomorrow is a
costume party. So I've been going around telling everyone
that it's NOT. I don't know where she got the idea. She
said I mentioned it. Yes, "mentioned" but not confirmed, so
I don't know where she got the idea. Costume parties are
not for birthdays, they're for Halloween. And I'm deinfatly
(yes, I spelled it correctly, it's my own word that
means "more certain than definately") having a costume
party for Halloween. I also want to do a Secret Santa for
Christmas. That would be quite fun.

I'm chewing on the cord of my headphones that I'm listening
to the music through. That's really not a good idea, is it?
*shrug* It's a habit, although I don't know why.

Teleboards isn't working for me. It's making me mad.
Teleboards is really addictive. So I hope it works sometime
today, otherwise I'll go through Teleboards withdrawl. A
lot of the good people have left since the boards reset.
But my favorite people still go there. I won't mention
their names. They'll probably never see this, but I don't
want to inflate many egos.

I love musicals. Now I'm listening to "Sailing For
Adventure" from Muppet Treasure Island. I love that movie.
I love Tim Curry. Rocky Horror Picture Show is amazing. A
lot of my friends still haven't seen it. They must. If they
don't, I'll have to resort to stapping them down and
forcing them to watch it. It's a great movie. I'm Frank. Me
and Erin seem to cast people in our group for characters in
movies for everything. Let's see if I can remember all the
characters. I'm Frank, Erin's Janet, Cullam's Brad, Rob's
Riff Raff, Kerri's Magenta, Heather's Columbia, Hutson's
Eddie, Trevor's Rocky, Phill's Dr Scott, and I can't
remember who The Criminologist is. *shrug* Maybe we didn't
give that part to anyone? Ah well.

Right, so I'll end here because this is getting kind of