Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
2001-08-28 20:54:35 (UTC)

Good news finally!!!!

Hey! Guess what!!?? I got a job! I feel so good right now,
like I have some purpose in my life again!!! I am going to
be the head teacher in a pre-school class!! That means I am
in charge of everything, how I decorate the room, what
lessons I teach, field trips, fun stuff EVERYTHING!!!
Finally I am excited about something, and its been a long
time since I have felt this way!! I am also excited because
me and all of my friends are going out to dinner to the
Melting Pot in Arlington. Ive never been there, but its
supposed to be cool. Its a fondue place, Ive never had
fondue either but I heard its good! Its kind of a going
away party/dinner for my best friend who is leaving to move
to Boston to go to Harvard Grad School. Can you believe it?
I am really proud of her. She's got a good head on her
shoulders. I wish I did. But since were going out to
dinner, on the day I got a job, I am also going to be
celebrating that too!! YAY!!! My best friend V leaves on
Thursday...lets not think of that right now...

Talk to you later, I'll let you know how fondue was...=)