Jan's Life
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2001-08-28 20:50:56 (UTC)


Mistake... MISTAKE! I was tyler mistake! He wsh he could
take back everything between us! Ugh... I am so sick of
this... How can tyler do this to people! I am so caught up
in him... like i'm brainwashed! But I'm sick of it... I
can see through the hole, but I just can't fit through! I
can see how he has but there is so much I don't
understand!! Like how he loved me so much... then I turned
in to a buddy (someone you just TALK to as tyler would say)
He's so mean and he doesn't even care! He doesn't care how
he treats people because he knows in the long run everyone
will still want him and like him! It's not fair! I wish
he'd sotp thinking he's all that! I wish he would stand on
a stage... and everyone who hates him would line up and
just tell him everything they've always wanted to but was
too afraid to. I wish i could see him get embarassed and
try to defend himself then finally give up because he knows
he's WRONG! For ONCE... I want him to be wrong. I am so
sick of this shit. I'll update you with his jerkiness