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2001-08-28 20:50:14 (UTC)

Still in Love

Dear Tyler,
Tongiht at the game I saw you with some girls. I
wished I was them. You called out my name and I was so
surprised to hear your voice cause it had been so long. It
took my breathe away you were actually saying hi to me..
then you said "You guys are hott!" I didn't know if u
were bein sarcastic or what. I kindda figured you were
flirting to make me wish I still had you. Like teasin me!
I don't know what's wrong with me... I STILL am not over
you. I guess it has soemhting to do with you being my
first true love? Just the memories of you holding me
tight, and for once feeling loved by someone not my
family. You holding me on the couch while we watched a
movie.... Or your lips touching mine while you held me
tight. It all felt as if it was yesterday. These feelings
keep coming back ad I can;t get over them. I need you so
bad tyler. I wish you'd just tell me you felt the same
way. I can never tell you how I feel though. It's like I
can;t give up my pride to tell you I can;t get iver you,
and that you are my life! I STILL love you tyler! I wish
I could get over you... but yet I don't... those memories
are too good to be true!
Write to you later,


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