Just another life
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2002-12-10 22:16:11 (UTC)

Who Knows

Listen to the days passing you. Listen to the time change
its view. Don't forget all the things you've lost, and at
what cost. I've lost myself in these pathetic dreams, that
I might be important. But I can see the reflection, and I
just want to disappear this instant.
I sit back and watch. Ever eyeing the clock. Hoping one
day, it will go away, away. It pains me to hear them
laughing, having fun while I am cracking. But who am I to
sit and cry about what I can't. What I shant. Where I
stand, I'm alone.
Is it ok to give up pride, is it ok to give up life, just
to gain another, not yours, but that of a lover? I could
give it all up, I should just shut up, I would be willing
to close up, if she wasn't there, everday. I know that I
can find someone else, but they wouldn't do. I know that
there are plenty of women out there, but will SHE still be
there when we're through.
I would rather be wounded with her, then to go on healthy.
I would rather have nothing and her, then to become wealthy.
My days are limited to this earth, and if I can't spend
with her,
I don't how long I'll last, I'm not playing with death,
he's already passed.
A rhyme understandable, or is it? Can you explain the
visit? Can you tell the riddle that the trick is in the
secret? Who know's? Not me. Tell me when you see it.