Unexpected Mysteries
2001-08-28 19:46:34 (UTC)

Oh What a Morning

If one could wake up the way I did this morning everyday,
Mmmmmmmmm. This morning Nick came over early and brought
donuts for Sarah and myself, we talked, smoked a couple of
cigeretts. I was so surprised to see him, would not of
expected it at all. I heard a knock to the door, and I
didnt know who it was, then I peeked out the window, didnt
see a car, then I went to the bedroom, and I saw his car.
Wow, was I excited!!!

We talked, Sarah was still in bed, we went in the kitchen
and kissed and no sooner than I knew it, his cock was so
hard, I mean really hard. So I unbuckled his pants and
began to give him head. I was still in my nite shirt,
wasnt too attractive, then we began kissing again, he
sucked my breast and I took my panties off and bent over.
He stuck his very hard cock inside of me and I just want to
die, because just last night I was feeling really sexy, and
some how, he knew I needed him. As we were making love, I
felt myself cum, and it was so good, my body began to do a
circular kind of motion, and he asked can I cum, which I
thought that was so thoughtful. He's just all man to me.
I told him, yes, and I began to do that 360 thing even
more, I heard this sound that came from the depths of
somewhere, we was cumming, I didnt want him to stop at all,
but I knew, if he stayed any longer he would not of gone to

Gosh, he felt good, I was so hot, we are so compatible
sexually, and other wise. That man made me feel so good,
he was on his way to work, and he was sweating, so was I.
I wanted more, but he had to leave. Nick, is so very
sexual and he keeps up with me, even tho there isnt a great
age difference, but he is wonderful. I gave him a quick
bird bath, and he was on his way. I told him, well too bad
you have to go to work, I said I'm going to bed, and I am
not taking a shower, because I wanted to feel his cum
inside of me. He left and I tried to go to sleep, but
couldnt, the brain just wouldnt let me, so hours later I
got up and took a shower, went to accomplish two of my
tasks and facing a delima.

I called about a job, and the lady wants to see me today,
that sucks, what am I going to do about Sarah, I just can't
leave her here by herself. So I'm just going to opt not to
go. Yes I feel kinda sad, because this job could of lead
me to great financial success and I believe self success
also, but I'm not going to fret because I'm letting God be
my guide. He knows, I'm down to my last bit of money, no
unemployment is coming in, and I still have to get my car
registered by the end of this month, not a chance that will
happen, and what about Sarahs, child care, not even
thinking about the bills that need to be paid here. What
the hell am I going to do. I hate this, but some how I'm
going to survive. Some how......

Now, it's time for Sarah and I to make brownies, she's been
asking me since yesterday. So I have to do it today, I'm
kind of disappointed about this job situation. I'll have
to wait until Sarah goes to school full time, that's where
that before and aftercare really makes a difference. Tho I
could ask Nick, but I don't want to because he has been so
helpful and I don't want him to think that's all I want
from him, he's just been so wonderful and supportive to
Sarah and I. It's just tough, and I hate it.
Well I guess this is it until tonight, lets see what the
eveing is going to hold. Maybe I'll take Sarah to the
library, it's free!!!