*|*Mah name is Ja is that all u wanna kn
2002-12-10 21:17:50 (UTC)

*|* Sup?*|*

Im here tahdai and its mah first dai fo all those dats a
b2k, bowwow, tg4, jhene or mario supproter go to cuz its of tha hizzle. well im
on there as im convo-satin witch yall ri now. i think immah
like this diary thang. immah kinda like a tomgirl so i
think immah call dis a journal. i luv b-ball,
swimming,singing,freestylin and alla dat good stuff. As
yall can tell by name i was born in brookklyn NY.(Dont
hate.) i live in tha durty souf now buts it cool cuz it
dont snow or nuffin. im going back to ny for x-mas vaction
i guess i should also say dat im still in middle school
last year.Thank God. well i gotta bounce,

Janeen aka Ja***