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2001-08-28 18:52:40 (UTC)


So, I got to spend time with my friend, Amy today.
She really is beautiful. The really ironic thing is, we
have a joke back from freshman year. It was V-day, and we
were with a bunch of our friends, all of who had SO's
(Significant Others). So jokingly, one of us asked the
other to be their valentine. And it's still a joke between
us. We call each other "Valentine", and we get each other
little gag gifts on V-day. So, anyway, now that I realize
that I'm bi, I think I might like her. She's really
amazing; she's a dancer, and has the same kind of off the
wall sense of humor that I do. And someone told me she
might be bi. (conversation: {driving home from a
party} "That was kind of weird. You and Sarah were the only
straight people there." "Wait a minute, first of all, what about
Amy? Second, what makes you think I'm straight?" "Amy's
bi. Or at least I think she is. She doesn't really talk
about it") So, I don't really know. Things don't stay
quiet in our group of friends for long, and I haven't heard
anyone else say anything about it, and she hasn't said
anything to me. I'm not even sure what I'd want... although its
probably not a good idea... things dont work out with friends...

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