ton o galaxy
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2002-12-10 16:03:40 (UTC)

dream of fish tanks

well i wanted to write this while i was in bed , but i had
to have my morning coffee...i dreamt that i had just gotten
back from some wild trip/vacation. It was a national park
with really ferocious animals. i even tried to jump the
fence...then, the trip is suddenly over, I am standing in
my apartment. I feel like I am the only person who lives
there. my friend from school Lea is there and we are near my
huge fish tank. There seems to be a frog stuck in the
filtrer but the frog is huge, you can see it's eyes and we
decide to somehow remove it. Lea sees an egg floating int
he water and tell me how important it is. How valuable it
I know how important it can be to write these things down.
They can just get better and better.

Well lately, since Thanksgiving i've just been going and
going. maybe it's just my perspective. Maybe i need a
vacation. I went on a dreamy date this saturday. Yes, an
internet connection. It has to be given credit. I owe my
entire dating experiences this year to the web.

Soo we went out. good sex. It had been a long time since i
hung out with someone who thought i was hot. I thought he
was sooo sweet. He reads alot. Gets my jokes...we'll see

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