2001-08-28 18:09:29 (UTC)

Death becomes you...

Well starting an online journal is in style now (I think)
and I was bored an somethings were bothering me. A lady I
used to talk to online died an it made me cry a lot, even
tho we never met before...we exchanged christmas for bets hehe. She was a sweet lady,
naive an gullable no doubt but a lot of fun to talk to an
joke around with. Then a girl that I took care of at work
died...she was 13 and it was cos of liver damage, this
happened last night. It hurt me a lot, I couldnt help any
of these 2 an even tho I didnt know them my whole life I
feel like I have an there was nothing I could do to help.
Maybe I got too attached...