Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
2001-08-28 17:39:21 (UTC)

yo yo yo

Wasupp world? well the last couple days have been a
complete bore! Yesterday was mikes birthday. He would have
been 27. I went to visit Linda to see how she was handling
it but she was too sick. She couldn't stop crying on
Sunday. Yesterday was a depressing day for a lot of people!
Briana keeps asking if we could go and visit the grave but
know one wants to take her. :( She won't stop crying. I
feel so bad for her but there isn't really much I can do!
The day that he died is coming up! (10-10-2000) It's almost
been a year! My mom is going through a lot too! She still
loved him but she won't admit it anymore!
Anyways, onto other things...
School starts next week but I'm not going back till the
7th. I can't go to the school I want to go to until they
mae room! That's so idiotic! I can't believe it! Now I have
to go to some dumb school I don't even like!
Well I gots ta go now so I'll write in ya tomorrow
buh bye, love mandy