Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2002-12-10 09:38:33 (UTC)

Scandalous Co-Workers and More....

Oh, it's been awhile since I've updated...I know. Work has
been keeping me pretty busy. So, alot has gone on. Not
anything off the charts or anything...just different
stuff. Work is getting so much better. I love my job. I
couldn't ask for anything more. Ppl there always bitch
about it, but I haven't nothing to bitch about. It's what
I wanted...a job where I'm comfortable and I get along I have everything I wanted
in a job. And I'm truly happy there. :)

The 4-12pm shift is my favorite. The guys on that shift
are great. I get harassed, of course...but not in an
utterly bad way. It's playful, sometimes embarassing. One
day after being asked if I wanted to "go get naked" with
Hoff (which I turned a shade brighter than crimson)...I
walked in on him in the bathroom...luckily his back was to
me. LOL It was hilarious, but extremely
embarassing...especially since he's told everyone that I
tried to peek around and see "his stuff"...Oh please!! I've
been propositioned so much by him, that I might as well do
it and get it over with. I'd feel way too guilty if I did
though...I'm DJing his wedding in May. That's Jerry
Springerish/trailer trashish. I couldn't look Trisha in
the eye or take Hoff seriously if anything were to happen.
It was just be more drama than I'm willing to go
through...I guess he'll have to get over it.

As for everything else...Marc and Josh have the
typical/familiar tension between them. I don't know how
much more I can take, before I frickin' crack. I hate
it!! I hate having to hear both's so annoying.
Thankfully, this decision to have Marc move in was a joint
one...or I would have no choice but to listen it. This
way, I can just say "I don't wanna hear it"...which I have
done countless times and it's not seeming to work. AhHH!!
Oh well...I'm sure things will ease up. Re-adjusting is
hard at first.

My mother has some guy from Indiana, whom she met offline,
living with her...Yah...some serious BS if you ask me. He
seems alright, but c' just don't do that!!
Everyone in the family is giving her a hard time. I don't
think it's right...but I can't do anything about it and I'm
not gonna down her for it. She's my mother, regardless!!

Well...that's it, kiddies...g'nite