would the world stop spinning
2002-12-10 08:46:42 (UTC)

this is how i feel,but my sister wrote it

hmm... well here we are right back in the same spot, only
this time i suppose it's going to stay right here.
i'm not going to cry or whine or bitch or fight or complain
it really wouldn't help any..i'm going to just say fuck it.

ok, so none of that is probably true what-so-ever
i wanted this to work out so badly because of what?
i'm naive and i thought it would i guess, i dunno
i'm really sure what to say here either..i guess really the
only thing i can say is ok.
i wish you felt different, but ok.

yes. and again i say "i never get the things i truely want"
if only i weren't so fucking naive maybe i'd be a lot
better off and maybe if i saw the situation from your point
of view it might make a littel since and maybe if you
weren't so fucking perfect in my eyes i wouldn't feel like
i do right now ad maybe if you didn't mean as much to me i
wouldn't care every god damn time this happend