would the world stop spinning
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2002-12-10 07:45:26 (UTC)

hold on to me, i'm slipping

i try to excape this maddening since of reality
it's too much for me to hold on to, i'm slipping
slipping on the wetness of the tears you've shed
hold on to me, i'm slipping...

i get caught up in the thought of you
i lose all other train of thought
just trying to get past you unscathed
hold on to me, i'm slipping...

tonight i breathed you in and exhaled you with my dreams
watching you as you rolled off my lips
into the cold air,barreling out with the whiteness of my
at that moment you seemed so distant standing right next to
hold on to me, i'm slipping...

you make it look so easy
but the hardest part of walking away is knowing you wont
try to stop me
humor me.. for once act like you care
make me believe i'm not doing all this in vein.
hold on to me, i'm slipping...

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