Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-12-10 07:44:52 (UTC)

more whining

so, still haven't asked her out...

gonna try the old, "see if she likes me routine if I do a few nice
things for her that are with few exceptions completely out of
character for myself."

maybe she'll give me a few hints...

cause you know, I am chicken shit...

heaven fucking forbid, I actually just come out and say, "hey,
you seeing someone? no? hey, ya wanna do something over the


that, and christmas is coming, I mean, isn't there some taboo
about asking someone out before 25th or something and that
like you can ask that person on New Years only?

I remember someone saying that once, or something

maybe, I could just be overthinking all of this

probably am

hmm, well, still, she's really nice,

blue eyed blond... thinish, taller than me, writes poetry, go
figure, she's like one of two of that particular type I have found
myself attraced to...

what the fuck, now i am labeling her? shit,

fucking superficial bullshit...

ack... sellout... pessimist, pragmatist, cynic

ooo, realist...