Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
2001-08-28 16:25:30 (UTC)

It's only the beginning of the damn day...

and I am already off to a bad start!!! I had my doctor's
appointment today for my evaluation this morning at 11:15,
so I got up at 10:30(which is early for me!!), and drove to
this damn place but I couldn't find it!!! I was livid! So I
stopped at a payphone to ask where the hell am I? and she
tells me I have gone to far, so I go back the other way,
but the address is 6066, and I am now in the 8000's, go
back, it ends at 7000. I could not find it. I drove around
for an hour and a half almost and didnt find it. So I came
home and told them to cancel it, which sucks because I
wanted to get it over with, you know? I want to start the
damn healing process, but it seems like life is proving
that impossible. So anyways, enough venting, I guess I am
just tired. I always go to bed late cause I have major
insomnia, but I have gotten used to it because I have had
it for so long, so it doesn't bother me that much anymore,
especially since I dont go to college anymore(no early
classes). So getting up early is not my cup of tea.

Oh, to anyone reading my journals, I just wanted to say I
think it's really cool getting feed back from you all. You
have been so sweet, and make me feel like there is a
purpose in my writing these. Ofcourse, maybe its cause I
just started and you will get bored after a while=) Also to
anyone reading my journals who maybe feels the same way,
whether its a little down or a lot of down, I know that I
have read alot of everyone else's journal, and that seems
to be the concensus, that sometime life just sucks! If you
are like me music really helps you get though some things
when you are sad, like Fiona Apple or Sara McLauchlan or
Dido-I feel like those girls are my best friends. But the
CD I want to tell you guys, that you may not have heard is
Nelly Furtado "Whoa Nelly", you know she sings that "I'm
like a Bird" song? Well the whole CD is just GREAT!!! I
bought it a long time ago, and after I bought it and all my
friends heard it, they all went out and bought it. I was
just thinking about that last night, when I was listening
to it, I thought some of you may like it alot. It's not
like cheesy depressing love songs or anything like that.
Its about life, and how sometimes its not so great,and the
lyrics are so wonderful, I feel like she must have felt
exactly how I do sometimes. So thats my pitch of the day!

Its still early, so I am sure I will be writing another
journal later today and I will tell you more about "Jake"

Oh, a kind of good thing that happened was that I got a
job, I am still waiting to hear from this other place, but
my old day care hired me back. I turned in my application
yesterday, and the owner was like, "Can you start
tomorrow?" I was kind of like "Whoa", I asked her what
classroom, and she said the baby room, I was like, "Ummm,
no, no babies for me thank you" So she said there might be
a chance that a lady in the pre-k room may be leaving which
is right up my ally cause I want to be a teacher not a
diaper changer. So she said she'd call me if it opened up,
so this morning she said its yours if you want it! So thats
kind of cool, huh? Well peop's I will talk to you soon!
Later much!