The days of my life
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2001-08-28 16:24:33 (UTC)

Confusion at it's finest...

Well, I think that I officially have no friends. I am not
sure what happened to them all, but they are now gone. I
pretty much have Dave... and that's about it. What am I
going to do if he just leaves me too? I will be completely
alone. That is one of my biggest fears in all the world. I
know that all I can do is just keep going, but life feels
scary right now. Dave was very restless last night. I wish
I knew what was wrong. He was at least looking at colleges
online last night. That is a cool thing. I am trying to get
him to believe that he is smart enough to do this. Mostly
just because he is. I know that you don't have to have a
college degree to prove that you are intelligent, but I
think in this case it would help. Who knows. I will just
continue on with my gentle prodding and perhaps things will
start moving forward for him. For we are all each other
has, and we don't really have each other...