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2001-08-28 15:47:47 (UTC)

~*I went the movies last night..

~*I went the movies last night with
paul,caleb,sarah,bobbi,les,and sean.We had r lil couples
lol.Well it ended up les and sarah bc sarah doesnt like
caleb.Aww.heh.Paul likes me and not leslie.yay.Its really
weird bc im not used to guys liking me.he was like the
movie was ok but it was better bc i got to sit next to
u...isnt that sweet.Him and caleb r coming over today.Im
excited but kinda im really nervous about
tomorrow.Thats nerve racking.My first race!ahhh.i hope i do
ok.I was 8 seconds away from varsity saturday.Oh by the way
the car wash was fun and we made money fast.