Nick's Journal
2002-12-10 06:30:53 (UTC)


pungent, pouncing, pansies, parading, pompously.
goofy, ghetto, guinea pigs, getting, gimpy.
silly, stupid, stoic, somnabulists, sauntering, seemlessly.
bucking broncos, baking blueberry bats.
tantalizing taco, terrorizing, texas.
oh what where,
where will we go,
why should i stop,
i really don't know.
beer, beer, it's good for your liver,
the more you drink the more your hands quiver,
keep on drinking,
keep on stinking,
keep on thinking.


did you know that if you turned the word pepsi upside down
it spells, "isded".......that's sorta like "is dead". wow.

dude the page just shifted.

I used to be good at poems when i was in elementary
school. then in middle school came the syntax : full of
semicolons and commas, each one a hurdle for me to trip
over, keeping my words pinned down. in elementary school
i wrote like you draw. no boundaries, just pen to the
paper and go. but now my writing is just a handful of
prose, and expositionary writing, i pull it out of my head
as one pulls out crumpled paper from one's pocket, looking
at it disinterestedly casting it aside. only difference
is i put mine on paper. but we all know it belongs in the