Nick's Journal
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2002-12-10 06:21:52 (UTC)


it gets a lot of shit. it really does. it's counter-
productive, blah blah blah. i like instant messenging,
and at the same time i hate it soooooo much. i mean truly
it's the biggest, most frivolous waste of time. most
conversations are mind-numbling boring, or you find
yourself iming someone where you just think, "who the fuck
is this?" anyhow, there are some real down sides.
those people that im you with absolutley nothing to say
but still manage to shoot you an im here and there, what
the fuck is that about? or those people that lurk behind
away messages.....i do that a lot. you know, you put an
away message up pretending that you're all busy, but all
you really want is someone to im you, so that you can
pounce on the conversation like a cheetah on a cheetoh.
anyhow, i will tell you one reason why i like aim, and
it's gonna sound weird. but it's just now it's 1:14 a.m.
i can't sleep, stupid fucking exams and all this shit, but
i can still find someone to talk to. like right now i'm
talking with joe, and i don't know. it's just so nice to
know that mabye you can be in contact with someone else
who is either suffering or enjoying the moments of the
night. it kind of makes you feel less alone. i mean
basically without it i'd be lying in bed feeling pretty
alone, and agonizing over the fact that i can't sleep. i
guess i'm just crazy, but i wonder if anyone else feels
that sense of security.
i never thought that the glow of a computer monitor would
bring me more warmth then my own heating system.