2002-12-10 06:01:26 (UTC)

Dec. 10th 2002

I can't explain why I am still up this early when I have
to get up and study for a Dramatic Lit. final on Wed. I
guess I just got caught up in looking for presents online.
My lil cousin steph wants spongebob socks and slippers so
I had to compare prices and the place w/ the lowest price
didn't do online orders.
I'm doing ok overall. I'm so glad that I got two finals
over with. The philosophy was just like the midterm which
is what I expected and the chem test was like all her
other tests but longer. I came back so happy but I still
have 3 more to go.
I have been acting more anti-social than usual. Ever
since I came back from thanksgiving break I haven't talked
to my crew/work out pals but I guess Finals and such have
gotten in the way of that. I just wish I could drop my
unrealistic social boundaries so I could meet people
Oh well I guess it's late so I'll doze and maybe
tomorrow I'll go anitique shopping for Cathy's christmas
gift. sweet dreams everyone.