"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2002-12-10 05:24:14 (UTC)

Ive been told im a good person

Mandy thinks highly of me. Im not sure y, but i try to be
a good person, and i think im a nice guy. Anyway, to the
comments on what mandy wrote. It will prly be short. I DO
NOT know B-rick, but i still think he's a dirtbag from
what mandy goes thro all the time. I keep sayin she
deserves better, but how can you control your feelings?
You cant, unless of course you actually want to change.
Then of course you can control your feelings. From what i
hear about Brandy and Josh not liking B-rick i dont like
the way this guy sounds. I dont know y i keep callin him B-
rick, but i like it. Since i sopose this is my diary also
i guess ill write a bit on me. Right now Telina is sooooo
busy with finals and stressed out its not funny. In fact i
think its terrible, but she'll get thro it. She'll be
going back home for christmas, so im goin to be real nice
to her and a great friend, and while shes away hopefully
she'll think of me, and want to talk to me when she gets
back. I HOPE! JEEESSSHHHH that girl is one of the most
special girls ive met in a long time. Shes a born again
christian, not into sex, drugs, alcohol,and says that she
requires to marry a born again christian. She's as hard
core christian as i am. I just pray that i can find a
decent girl to be able to date. I hope she can do that.
Shes awesome, what can i say?

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