champagne supernova
2002-12-10 04:19:20 (UTC)

i hate drama ..(in real life)

blah..blah is the word of the day..why u ask? because i am
just so tired of all this crud ya know> i mean high school
is great and i love it.. but it would just be soooo much
better with out all of the drama that goes along with it .i
cannot wait to just have this up and comming 2 weeks
off ....*sigh* i love everyone i just am so tired of all
this crap with ...stufff. i just i am so tired of it that i
am just speachless. i have nothing to say to offer advice
to anyone. i just hear abnother case of what is the latest
drama problem..and i swear i get this pulsating headache
and i want to scream. i just dont want to deal with it
anymore. this is ot directed to anyone specifically! just
so eveyone knows! this is just in general...friends, best
friends, aquaintences... family... everythig. i just wish
that for one day people would just stop with the craziness
that makes the world go round.. it would be lovely dont u
agree? forgive me for saying this, please it is not
intended to cause anyone anguish. i just need to get it off
my chest. i hope it all comes to a peacful end so that
eveyone can enjoy there christmas break! on that note i
have some homework to do and i will be going..lets just
stop the craziness for now ...and take a second to breath
and remmeber this is just reutine high school stuff! *takes
big breath*...g'nite!