2001-08-28 13:18:59 (UTC)

Deadly Nightmares

Maybe it was the chinese food or just too much on my
brain before I went to sleep. I only remember waking at 7
o'clock this morning scared out of my wits.
I am by this factory with friends, but we are hiding.
Hiding from terrorists or bad people or something. But it
was sort of playful at first. We didn't think we would
actually get hurt. Even though we knew they had real guns,
we didn't think they would get us. Suddenly we realized we
were wrong. There was a line of bushes. We all tried to
hide behind them, but couldn't because there wasn't enough
to cover us. Out came this one guy with really big gun that
shot lots of bullets at once or in a row. he began shooting
to my right and we all scurried around, but for some reason
I was the only one whom could hide. I crawled behind these
tight bushes. I watched the terrorist kill a girl I
recognized but couldn't identify. She looked at her chest
and could see 6 bullets lined up perfectly in twos going
down her chest - but there was no blood, just pain. I cried
but tried to stay as quiet as possible, so they couldn't
get me. One by one I watched them all die. It was awful. I
couldn't breath.
After I woke up, I looked at the clock and my
surroundings, but fell back asleep. This time I was with my
friend Josh. We were hanging out at camp, but two gang
members came along. While one held a gun to Josh, I
convinced the other that I would give him any pleasure he
pleased to release us. Josh and the other guy had no idea
what we were talking about ( they didn't hear us ). They
just saw us walk away into the dark. Somehow I tricked the
other guy and he was suddenly tied up and I had his gun. I
snuck up behind the other guy and told him to throw the gun
to the side and he did. I shook with fear, but held the gun
tightly. Then it just ended. Everything went black and the
next thing I knew I was awake.
It was a terrible night.