*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-12-10 03:13:12 (UTC)

Ummm, are you listening?

Black chica 187, I know you know me, and I thik I know
who you are, but I don't really care who you are, but you
wrote me another message and it's like you didn't even read
my last entry. Must I repeat again I DO NOT LIKE MATT and I
know Matt likes Cathy, I was helping to figure out if he
did, I am happy for Cathy, I was just playing around with
Matt, I do not want him to be my boyfriend or any such crap
like that. I mean once me and Ryan Swanson "got married"
and "had a baby", does that mean I want to marry and have a
baby with him?! I do not think so. I think you need to
serious reconsider your thoughts before you speak. Or my
mom says this alll the time "Do not speak in which you do
not know." and obviously you do not know ENOUGH about me.