j0n LUU

Jon Luu's Diarrhea
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2002-12-10 02:44:05 (UTC)

at school

I was sitting in science class and i saw this really hot
man teacher pass by the door, my dick immeadiatly jumped
out of the boxers and pierced my pants, luckly my zipper
was zipped. Well soon after i began to daydream about this
man. He made me very horny that day, i picture him in a
pink thong rubing himself with oil on te beach. it was
quite arousing. Then, my cum canal was over reacting, with
my thoughts, i think i peed but in fact it was only cum.
thank god for that. But then i dreaed about hium taking
that thong off. his penis flopped down and i was
druelling. my druel was coming out slower than my jizz. I
was quite horny, you might say.

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