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2001-08-28 10:43:07 (UTC)

i`m shit

i`m feeling crappy,
i really do,
not only today,
but yesterday,
and tomorrow

i`m feeling sad,
feel like crying,
and never stop,
i feel like lying in my bed,
bleeding after cutting myself,
i feel like lying there,
bleeding, crying,
just being there on my own

i feel like dying,
going to sleep and never
ever waking up

i feel like lying in my bed,
whit pills, alcohol, drugs,knife
and dying..
dying slow

dying slow,
is what i want,
taking the pain i`m feeling inside,
and letting it out,
letting it out so it shows..

i`m bleeding,
i`m dying..

no ones here to hold me,
no ones here to tell me i matter,
no ones here to make me smile

i`m here alone,
i`m here all alone,
waiting to die..

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