My So-called Life
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2002-12-10 02:02:37 (UTC)


omg. we have a christmas party for my youth group at my
house. everyone is supposed to start coming at 6. ppl start
coming at 5! i wasn't even ready, i had to go in my room
and do my make-up and everything. then after everyone got
here alan wanted to see the video from camp. well we had
just said the blessing so i figured i would go get he video
camera rewind it, and let him watch. i do that and go in
the dining room to get food and it was all gone!! there
were only a few chips left!! i was like geez everyone!then
we did the gift exchange. i ended up w/ some cool makeup
and bath stuff, which is good b/c some ppl got bad gifts.
like colby got a baby doll. gary got a red box w/ hershey
kisses in it and asked eric if he wanted a kiss. eric
leaned down and gave him one of those fake kisses, but no
one knew it was fake. everyone about died and one of the
youth leaders about had a heart attack laughing. then we
played the marshmallow game where u had to make a santa
beard w/ marshmallows by licking them or whatever to try
and get them to stay on your person's face. it was sooo team lost, lol. but it was fun sticking
marshmallows on adrians face. he was about to die. then i
got someone online real quick to check her email and then
got back on my sn and noticed this guy was on that had just
left our youth group almost a year ago to go w/ the air
force. he is in germany for 3 years now. so everyone wanted
to talk to him. so now my whole youth group is in my room!
it was awful. no one wanted to go home either. i was sooo
tired. it was a long day. then today was jus a normal
boring school day, except i found ou that one of my friends
has a very messed up love life. liking too many girls and
some liking him more than others and dating and not dating.
its rather funny. then tonight i skipped dance practice,
which is not good cuz i think i was supposed to start
teaching a dance. oops! oh well, there's always next week.

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