Road to Freedom
2002-12-10 01:34:34 (UTC)

Pretty slow day

Work was quiet and I soooooooooo wish it wasn't. I have
been so bored lately at work and have been asking for more
to do and everyone seems to want me to be bored. They are
all stressing at all the shit they have to do and they
don't want to show me or my desk clerk how to do things to
help. Oh well, you try to offer help and they would rather
bitch. hehe

Put some photos on a site today and so far I have gotten a
lot of compliments. Most from younger people, but
compliments are compliments. I am not picky.

My biggest issue I face these days is confidence in myself
and trusting men to be truthful to their word LOL. SO
looks like I will be alone for a while. I really don't
mind the aloneness sometimes when I see the bullshit and
tourmoil some of my coworkers are going thru. I am not
even upset that I cant have children. My god, the things
parents have to go thru to grow up a child. I don't have
it in me. I love to travel and be free. No tie downs, not
bullshit and god NO ATTITUDE.

My coworkers children talk to her like a bum on the
street. If I ever talked to my mom that way, man. Kids
don't seem to be afraid of their parents like we were in
the 70's LOL...

I am feeling low right now. Have been for a few days. Oh
well, WWE is on soon. Julia's favorite show of all times.
Yes Yes I know it is wrestling and I am female. Yes I have
all my teeth. Ok, so I live in a trailer park. That
doesn't make me some scarey redneck woman LOL. I am
actually pretty normal.

Hmmm not even sure I believe that :)