Life and Death
2001-08-28 08:17:29 (UTC)

A sleepless night

It's 5:13 in the morning. My dad will be waking up in an
hour to go to work. My stereo's quietly playing Our Lady
Peace. Why can't I sleep? I spent most of the night lying
awake, thinking of some of the worst times of my life- the
suicide attempt, the day my friends left me- I thought of
the recent move and freaked out. Suddenly, I just thought
"Where am I and what am I doing here?" My mind was
screaming. I'm so scared of the future. These drugs... these
drugs must be messing with my mind. I can't stop shaking.
Will I ever get to sleep tonight? I thought maybe writing
would help- maybe it is. Someone's calling again- why does
it keep happening? My dad's awake. I'm paranoid. Help.