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2002-12-10 01:16:16 (UTC)

Something good that happened...

o.k....just now i watched some 15 min. documentary on HBO
(*grr) about this guy that wanted to get shot. ok, so he
had tats and body piercings, but thought that the ultimate
showing of individuality was to get shot, so he could talk
about that scar. *laughs histaricaly, "dumbass."
anyway, so this weekend was eventful to say the least.
met some really cool people.
frip met some chic name jenni off the internet, so frip ,
gina and myself went over there to meet jenni and her
roomate sara or sarah....whatever* i was actually very
suprised, i got along good with both of them, after all the
initial, why do you think your gay questions, we just
chilled and drank some beers. i found sara or sarah...(i
need to figure that out) really easy to talk to, and we
clicked, so that was a plus. also it was a fun filled
weekend with frip, so you know i had a blast.

*listens to tori amos's "i'm not in love"


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