baby pink
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2002-12-10 01:05:04 (UTC)

my first entry - lil bout lil old me

well this is ma first entry in ma brand new spanking online
diary, i only found out bout it last week but kept forgettin
to write it toz i have the memory span of a gold fish.. what
was i sayin there .. lol no really i tohught it would b a
good idea to write all ma crazy thoughts and feelings down
in this as i found one of ma old diary and i nearly pissed
myself laughin. I was sitting there thinkin to maself how
sad really am i? On a scale from 1 to 10 im atleast a good
15..... really i am. Im not kiddin I really am. So basically
in this one I aint promisin much, but i am promisin a look
into a crazy wee mad life. So im just gonna write down all
ma crazy thoughts and feelings down so i can read then when
im really old and on my way to the bingo after collectin ma
pension knittin wee hackit jumpers for every one that will
never be worn.

So basically ill b fillin you in with all the sad and borin
to death details bout ma sad life.

Well most of you who i have nt head wasted enough yet will b
glad to know that these various ramblins have come to an
end. ill tell u a lil bit bout me.....
well im a tiny pint size, only 4 ft 11 ( size of kylie
interestin fact ) People call me crazy, a hippie a goth, i
just say im me, i listen to lud music, wear baggies, far
tooo much eye liner. I say what i want wen i want and how i
want im not afraid to say how i feel im loud confident and
most of all "Complicated"......

xxx BaBy PiNk xxx

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