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2001-08-28 07:00:54 (UTC)

it`s hard

it`s hard being a teenager in this world, which have set so
many expectations for u, all the way since`s hard
being alone, depressed and think about dying, and only
that...thinking about your friends u don`t wanna leave...

but it`s all so`s a war, harder than i can win...

lonelyness it`s hard, it`s depresseing, but sometimes i
feel happy, and sometimes it`s good...bit i hate it, i hate
my life, and the expection, u and everyone have for
me...cause i`m never gonna do what u tell me, that`s my own
decition, cause this is MY life, however how i live it..

my eyes, for what??
everything i see is a lie,
me feet, for what?
i never gonna get where i want,
my ears, for what??
i never gonna hear that i want

my life, what`s the point,
i`m never gonna live it the way u want..


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