once again
2001-08-28 06:56:12 (UTC)

Out of control

Tony's impossible. Well, I think so atleast. First he's 3
hours late piccking me up from Sarah's house and why I even
waited only God knows. Then I have a maigrain and all I
want is to sleep but God forbid I want to go home. He
calls her house at 2:30 and hangs up twice then wonders why
she is mad. Then when she calls him today to tell him
never to do that again he wigs on work during busy
time. So i get pissed and explain I am at work and he
doesn;'t want to hear anything about it. Because who cares
I could lose my job over his dumbass. So he talks to Amica
because she calls looking fo rme and he completely envolves
her in something she doesn;t need to be in. Then begs her
to call me, out of state mind you, to tell me to call him
after work. So i'm more pissed now but low and behold what
did I try doing for 2 hours after work? bingo, I tried but
i ahven't gotten an answer so i don't care now. But all
I'm going to do is tell him he completely disrespected me
and i can't control this relationship any more and he isn't
doing his part in trying to make something good out of
this. His way or no way and I don't work like that. He is
out of control. No reasoning with him even if it's the
right thing because this is Tony's world and no one else
has feelings or the right to feel them for that fact. So,
I give up on this, him and the whole ordeal. And i really
wish I had never had Amica call PepBoys, even though he is
really hot. But I'll get over it. i'm supposed to be
waiting for Shawn. See, if he wouldv'e fixed things June
21st when I went back to Florida from here I would have
this unneeded stress, but we learn from our mistakes.
Hopefully Shawn did, because I really miss hima dn not one
feeling has even been moved to the opposite side for him.
I feel as if he is next to me. I can feel his touch.