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2001-08-28 06:56:01 (UTC)

Marvelous 3 - Freak of the Week

I spend a lot on all the clothes that I got
Cuz all the geeks that I meet, they all look kooler than me
What to do when they're all looking at you
Cuz you're the freak of the week, cuz you're on the TV

Can you make me a promise
Stop it before we begin
Will you hold onto my head
If I ever lose it again

I've got a shrink, I swear he's elvis I think
He wears the koolest suede shoes, when I come in with the
He thinks it's all about culture and art, but the truth of
it is, that it rips me apart


Tell me I sold out
Tell me I sold out go ahead

Like this song a lot. Hmm.


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