Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-28 05:59:26 (UTC)

And now the project begins

I started my moms x-mas gift, I wont even tell my dad what
I am doing, cause he has often been know to share info with
the other side, which is often my mom, every year, he tells
her what we are getting her somehow, thats why i try to get
her a gift on my own, that he dont know of. Keeps x-mas a
little lively, cause at least she has one gift she dont
know about. So far, I really only need to buy a little
paint, cause I have alot from some of my other projects,
and acrylic gel, so its gives a nice gloss that makes the
paint not chip, which is really good, and a new pic, cause
Shawnna, the spawn of the demon herself, aka my neice,
chewed on it, or maybe it was my nephew, who I believe to
be posessed! he is insane, but either way, one of them
chewed on her one pic and broke it in half with there
teeth! (Scared yet? Just think how I must feel, they are
related to me, but not by choice!) No, I love them, just
realize that they are raised and have been raised
improperly, and if I ever have kids like that, I will drown
them, or kill myself! either way, i wouldnt have to put up
with them! But anyways, I think i am going to paint a
little think on it, like my allusive turtle, and wrap it in
a little box, and then as she is opening it, i will hand
her her guitar back! I really hope she likes it! And I also
hope that she dont go and get a sudden burst of creativity,
and energy, and suddenly want to play it, so go and look
for it! I still am not sure exactly what I am going to
paint on it. I am now a little worried that I wont get to
get it done, or that she will want it suddenly, without
warning, which could happen, cuase its hers, so I cant stop
her, or tell her that she has to ask for permission, the
only thing she would have to ask to do is go into my room
to get it, but I dont believe she cares if she asks
permission sometimes, esspecially if she wants it bad

She is not going to be home for there anniversery! :( isnt
that sad, her boss cant give it to her off cause she has
something planned, if it is some stupid camping trip I will
get so pissed, cause that is nothing compared to the one
year anniversery! She dont even know if she can get my b-
day off, which I dont care, why should I, I have plenty
more! Right? Unless fate says no, but thats okay, I think I
have had one good one!?


Hmm okay, well i am gonna get going, ohh yeah, and lebrat
got another vote, now its 6 to 5 with ceptum in the lead!


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