Would you mean this please if it happens
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2002-12-09 23:38:44 (UTC)

american nothing

i had a pretty good day today, nothing goo or bad
happened, i was just in a good mood for some reason.
i got up and begged my mom to let me stay home, but she
said no, so i went off to school, had an easy biology and
english class and then went to lunch. during lunch,
christa looked at me and smiled which was really weird
considering we havent talked since our argument about the
band finch. it was kinda wierd.. then during 3rd, i go in
the library and have some good times with Kim, shes a cool
girl, we were playin the helicopter game for a while. i
then saw lucas and lucy and talk to them in the halls,
they are soo funny. lucas cracks me up..
sherissa came up to me with ana and gave me an invitation
to her sis's underwear party..i dont know if im going to
go, it would be fun but awkward at the same time.

i lvoe having a cell phone, its really nice, but i dont
want to get too caught up in talking on the phone and
become a zombie to it.


we want to record a full length album, professional and
everything..we just need some money...around 12,000
dollars... maybe we can have a bakesale? haha

over and out.....paulonies

BEST QUOTE EVER: "hey big gulps eh?
alright!.............well, see ya later!" - Dumb and

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