*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
2002-12-09 23:36:31 (UTC)

oh shit, i feel it comin

wow! this is so addictive. i like venting online.
i made my bed i'll lie in it
i made my bed i'll die in it

hole is speaking to me tonight, fuck tonight, today!

i miss your lies
i miss your lips
i miss your insulting tongue
i miss your arms
i miss your shitty attitude
i miss your hair
i miss your fucking mouth, and that annoying way of telling
me what to do. fuck every word sounded annoying, maybe
it was just your voice? and the way you always blamed me
for all your problems. (sorry honey you were a dyke way
before me, why didn't you tell your parents before me?) and
i really fucking miss the way you dealt with this whole
break-up...so immature, thanks bitch!!!!!!

*wipes forhead, sorry about that rant right there. needed
to get it off my chest!


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