2002-12-09 23:32:19 (UTC)

hey it has been along since i..

hey it has been along since i have wrote but..... I have
been really busy. Today was the best day ever! If you want
to know why it was so great reead on. Ok well in ms
grundy's class ( reading ) We are reading the play
christmas carol. And i am ms. chratchet and Drew is Mr.
chratcher and he had to say all kinds of lovey dubby things
it was kool. I Love that class. Anyways... tommorow we are
goign to see the play at the theater which should be really
good. Oh yeah talkin about a play i am going to be in a
play at my church ( Roland ) If anyone wants to come see
me. It is next sunday dec. 15 the play will begin at 6.
Hope to see you all there love ya lots your friend whitney
ANDREA ONLY READ THIs : thanks for making me laugh so much
in reading lol. It was kinda funny. Anyways set next to me
tommorow at the play. Talk to you tommorow. Lylas,