2001-08-28 04:59:46 (UTC)

What the hell kind of relationship is this????

Me and Kalua had a pretty rough day today. The other
night when we went to the races were the same way. He was
mad at Gearmo because he was being a total asshole and he
didn't speak to me once the entire night. Him and Micah
sat and talked the whole night and he wouldn't even look at
me. I am like, "I don't care how fuckin mad you are, I am
your GIRLFRIEND and it is your JOB to talk to me." LOL.
It just makes me mad because the whole time, Micah knew I
was mad and Kalua had no idea.
Well today was that all over again. It started out at
registration, he was supposed to be with me and he just
walked off and was gone the whole time which kind of made
me mad because because he was taking me and I assumed that
he'd wait in line with me and spend time with me, you
know? And then I was like whatever and he took us home so
he could take his sister to work and he was supposed to
pick us up at 11:30 to take me shopping and then he called
and made it 12:10 and I was kinda like, "Okay, we are gonna
get like 2 hours to shop...." And he ended up being
another half an hour late after that. I shrugged it off
and tried not to let it show that I was pissed meanwhile,
all of these things are building up inside and I want to
kick his ass. Then he takes us to golf and he is like
being an ass and I kinda thought that he was flirting with
Megan cuz me, Kalua, and Justin shared a golf cart and
Megan and Justin W. shared one and then Will and his friend
shared one and like, when I was putting around and bein a
dork with Will, he got out of our cart and sat with Megan
and was all talking to her. I sound like a real jealous
bitch and I know it doesn't sound that bad but like he did
it a lot and he would just glance at me when I walked by
but wouldn't really LOOK at me or even make an attempt to
talk to me. He didn't even kiss me the entire time. I was
like, "what the fuck did I do??" You know? And so I went
into bitch mode and I ignored him. Like, he would sit on
my lap when I was driving and make me sit on him and stuff
but not once did he talk to me except to yell at me. He
would swear that I am all driving crazy and he'd be
all, "Stop fuckin around!" And then he would drive 10
times crazier and I'd be like, "STOP FUCKIN AROUND
KALUA!!" And he was all, "Well at least I didn't hit
anything!!" (long horrible story, pretty much, I crashed
and ruined a golf cart) and I was like, "So I can do
whatever I want, just as long as I don't hit anything??"
And he said yeah and so I was going all fast on these dips
and he yelled at me all over again. Well I gotta go but
there is the one thing that made me especially mad. Kalua
has always been really overprotective of me. Like, David
will throw a gum wrapper at me and he'll be like, "What are
you throwin shit at her for!?!?" And he always sticks up
for me and shit. But today after golfing, we were getting
in the car and Justin opened the door and motioned for me
to get in the back and I always get shotty and I was like,
NO!" And we fought like 2nd graders for awhile and then
Megan yelled at me that she was gonna be late and so I just
got in the back and he scooted the seat all of the way back
and totally squished me and it hurt and so I pulled his
hair cuz it was like right in my face and he was
all, "Kalua, you better get your fuckin girlfriend before I
sock her in her fuckin face!" And I was like, "Excuse me?
What was that??" And he was all, "I will fuckin sock you
in your face!!" And I was like, "Yeah, Justin, I'd like to
see that..." And Kalua didn't say one word. That is so
fucked up. I mean, if Megan was to say that she was gonna
sock Kalua in the face and she was dead serious, I would
tell her to shut the fuck up and shit, you know?? I would
totally stick up for him and get mad at her. And that is
different. That would be a girl hitting a guy. But Justin
is like 200 pounds. He is this huge Hawaiian guy and I
weight what? 105 pounds?? Yeah that is pretty fucked up.
They are both assholes, I can see why they are cousins.
They are both fuckin assholes!!!!!
But the thing that makes me the maddest though is that
I want to call him so bad and I keep thinking that I was
the bitch all day and I shouldn't have acted that way and
all this shit and I know that he is probably out with David
and Van and Ben and everyone having a blast and he isn't
even thinking about me. I wonder if he has said anything
about me to his friends. I know that they asked where I
was because I am with him 24/7 and I wonder what his answer
would be. Why do I care though? I wonder if we are gonna
break up. I really hope not because I like him so much but
everytime we are together, we fight. Nonstop. Well let's
just hope for the best!!!