My problems.
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2002-12-09 21:38:25 (UTC)


Last night was intense...... I made my dad cry. I felt so
bad seeing him there in the doorway with his face all
red and his eyes tearing up and the little drips of water
run down his cheeks... I felt so bad because I am the
only person that he thinks doesn't want him back home.
I want him home. I really miss spending the time I
used to with my dad. He was one of my best friends
and I always look back on the things we did before he
drove to Seattle. But seeing him there made me feel
bad. His bottom lip shivering his eyes glazed with
tears. I was tellin him how much I missed him and
stuff and I almost started to cry myself, but didn't. I told
him I'd give my left leg for him to come home and I think
he is actually considering coming back. :)