Life as I know it.
2001-08-28 04:28:27 (UTC)

why do things that just suck just happen to occur all at once?


So today I woke up with a heinous cold, i mean this is
horrible, I look like death and sound like death...trust
me. So I woke up a lot later than I planned on waking up,
cause I planned on waking up early so tomorrow wont be such
a shock to my system, but I hit snooze cause Im dumb. SO i
woke up late, then remembered I had to run to the bank to
get money out (had to take a decent amount out) and was
there half asleep for a half an hour. Then i popped on
over to Wendy's for a Mozarella Chicken Sandwich, could I
say that to the lady? OF COURSE NOT. I must have woke up
on the dumb side of bed. I mumbled something that didnt
even resemble the sound of that word one bit. Then I came
home, and of course as soon as I walk in the door Lindsay
calls me...she is all like "hey i need you to come with me
somewhere" and me, being the sweet nice person I am, came
along. Well the errands end up taking a few hours and we
were hungry so we decided to go grab some food and then
after that i realized i needed some stuff from target which
was me basically buying junk and spending a $100 when i
only needed $20 worth of stuff. Such is life and that kind
of stuff happens...

Then we came back here and spent 45 minutes finding a
that sucked...so on top of all this i was being bitchy and
flipping out and just in an all around bad mood today. AND
NOOOOOOOOO cause that would be nice. Im gonna be super
bitchy and tired tomorrow. So to round this up:
1. IM sick
2. Im bitchy
3. I dont wanna go to class early
4. I dont wanna have my lab tomorrow which i will cause
that is how life is.
5. I wont be sleeping tonight

Yea, fun fun fun but who knows? Maybe ill have fun. Yeah
right. Ah what am I saying? I probably will have fun, ill
probablly run into a lot of friends and all that jazz...or
at least i hope. And hey new classes mean new boys to
check out. Hey, it keeps me going to class.

Speaking of boys I need one...lol...just for my own
purposes. I mean I dont want a boyfriend right now, I have
plans for this semester but alas im lonely sometimes. I
have a feeling tho that with everything going on right now
with school and old friends i wont feel that way too long.
SO I hope.

Anyway I have to talk to Damon before i go to bed, i miss
him so much.