Unexpected Mysteries
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2001-08-28 04:08:43 (UTC)

Bed Time


I checked the cloths in the dryer, they werent dry. So I
found myself admiring myself in the bathroom, feeling sexy,
changing hairstyles and feeling like I would love to get
laid tonight, but it isnt possible. Gosh, I'd be a good

It has been such a great day today, I feel like I'm on a
natural high. This evening, I went to the 99 cent store
and picked up a few nick nacks, and it was fun. I bought
Sarah a little paint set, so she had fun doing that, while
I had a little time to myself, and took a good look at
myself. I've lost 10lbs., feeling great, ready to get a
good paying job, and stay on it, and just go on.

I'm feeling more secure about myself, and that's a good
thing. Now that I've taken this time, I just want to go on
as a single parent, get Sarah in a nice apartment, buy a
new car, and feel great. Even if Nick and I don't work
out, I'm sure he will be a good support person, which I'd
like a little more, but whatever it turns out to be, I'm
sure I will be ok.

I just checked my machine, and have a message about a job,
man, has God, finally smiled upon me, knowing the hardship
that I've been going through. Knowing that I'm in a
destasterous relationship. I just thank God that I've had
this opportunity to get myself together and leading me in
the right direction. I can't believe it, 2 shots at good
news. I'm impressed. I'm curious about this job!! Well,
it's time for me to go to bed now, I'm going to do a little
research about this company, then lights out.

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