The jerk files
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2001-08-28 04:03:44 (UTC)

Monday...Doesnt mean good day in French.

Well folks, nothing much happend in my life today, (as
usual) I woke up and ate cereal..honey bunches of oats. I
then cleaned my room and saw Ritchey off. She moved out
today. We are still waiting for Tiana to come now. I wont
be here though. I will be moving in with the Lewis'
temporarily. i think. Umm, my dad bought me new brakes for
my car and a new drive shaft. It needed that. Lets see.,.i
then chilled, played guitar again. I watched some tv and
then got online and got some sad news. I really cant talk
about it now. It was just kinda disapointing. It feels like
my heart was put in a blender at full speed. I dont even
know if its true but,..i dont know. All i know is that it hurts alot
right now. anyways goodnight.