*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
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2002-12-09 18:54:14 (UTC)

and today was a good day.....

i received packages at 12 this afternoon. all my things
back from oklahoma shitty! most of my clothes and
pictures, and videos were in there. but i am missing many
pairs of boxers and shit like that. so...they should be
coming in time.
i happened to just glance thru the box of photos and saw
that a pic of amy and i that had been torn was in there,
taped together. whatever, i threw it away. i might as
well throw everything away having to do with that
relationship. everything!

she did...
losing that ring was the start of the downfall
short lived
and now i'm here
in a state of bliss
for i no long have to wonder where you were lastnight
when you came in the door
when my scars will heal.

thank you,
as your halo tarnished.


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