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hannah's boring life
2001-08-28 03:35:05 (UTC)

ranch dressing in all the wrong places (august 27, 2001)

hiya...before i ramble on about my meaningless life, i should
explain a little bit about this summer.

so, at my school there is a queen...same as in every junior
high, im sure. her name was lauren. anyhow, in 6th grade (i
am now in 8th) i was dying to be her friend...cause, you
know, she was the most popular! anyhow, one day in 7th grade,
she just started being the nicest to me. we started talking
on the phone every night and always doing stuff on the
weekends. well, this went on into the summer. then we started
inviting people to my house and we would all sit around and
get drunk and high. well, one day a bunch of people were
REALLY wasted in my garage (suprisingly, i wasn't) anyhow,
somehow everyones parents found out, and everyone got in
trouble. the next day lauren (the bitch) called me and blamed
the whole fuckin thing on me. me out of all people, i wasn't
even there when they got drunk! i thought it was just out of
rage (for getting caught) and i thought she would call in a
few days to apoligize...that day never came. so i spent a few
weeks sitting on my ass doing nothing...all because i was
still pissed about lauren. then i went to visit my cousin,
charlotte. her friends were the nicest ever! the totally
acted like i was one of them, even though they were all way
older than me! they were so cool and hella nice that i stayed
an extra week. and then i visited her again a few weeks
later. i got my first boyfriend there (we broke up a couple
days ago, cause the long distance thing.) so, yeah...that
brings us to today.

uggg...registration is so depressing, cause you have to
actually walk in to the school and know that you are going to
be there tomorrow, bright and early, actually going to class.
i was having an alright time catching up with old friends
(the ones not mad at me...oh, yeah, and when lauren is mad at
someone, most everybody else is too) so, yeah, i was having
an alright time, considering it was early in the
morning...when i saw the bitch come out of her car with three
or four of her groupies surrounding her. just the sight of
her makes me sick...not cause she's ugly, just cause she's so
popular, its sickining. as soon as everyone sees her, they
rush towards her. me, of course being my pussy self, don't go
over and bitch at her, but quietly call my parents, and go
home. damn, i wish i was braver! so, yeah, i go home, then go
to the mall with my sister, rose, and her friend, marie. it
was alright...kinda sad cause i have to start school
tomorrow. now, i am just online, talkig to my ex and waiting
for someone exciting to come online. so, thats it for
today...wish i had something exciting to talk about...maybe
tomorrow, first day of school!
ta ta!