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Sam Al-Jafari's Elective Diary
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2001-08-28 03:23:37 (UTC)

Work Starts

Ok, I haven't updated in a while because I've been busy
trying to get my shit together.
I turned up at hospital on the first day 10 minutes walk
from my hospital only to be told that I was actually placed
in some ghetto suburb of Sydney with a population 60% of
whom don't speak english. So I got on the bus and two hours
and a 3mile walk later, I found Canterbury Hospital. The
good news is that my registrar is a pommie and she said that
I should only come three days a week and have the last few
weeks off. Ha Ha. Also, I found out that the train only take
20 minutes.
So, it was my birthday on Saturday (Thanks for all the
messages (not!!)). I went out with a few guys from the
hostel and there was total carnage. Then we went to a house
party. In the night I managed to leave my coat in a bar and
lose my mobile phone. I've got a new mobile now though so
I'll email the number to you all.
Yesterday I decided that I needed to find somewhere to live
so I found some agency that owns a load of houses and rents
shared rooms in them. I had a look around and these houses
are luxury pads. Of course, I didn't want to mix with the
plebs so I got the only single room going in a house in
Darling Harbour for 50 quid a week. The only problem is, I
met some of the people living there and they seem a bit
miserable. Well, I'll have to see what happens.
To celebrate, I went crab racing at scubar, but
unfortunately my crab peaked too soon and didn't find its
second wind.
I still haven't done any sight seeing but I'll start on