my so called life
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2002-12-09 16:08:51 (UTC)

All I want for Christmas is YOU

Had my third exam today. It went ok I guess.. won't get an
A, but I never thought I would either.
So.. Life is good.. even though I have exams. I'm handeling
it pretty well, I suppose.. I'm not freaking out or
anything. Wouldn't be surprised if I did something like
that :P

Well.. What about Ben?
We're doing great :) I'm not pulling any stunts anymore,
and we're disgustingly happy and more in love than ever :)
So yeah ;)

I just can't bring myself to write in this thing anymore.
Partly because I only have Internet when I'm at school, but
I dunno.. I don't feel like writing because I have very
little to say and when I don't write, I don't get any
feedback. So, well.. Maybe I'll write something when I'm
home for Christmas.

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