i just want someone to talk to
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2002-12-09 15:53:29 (UTC)

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watz up homies?!
im from texas and i moved to Norway
about a year and a half ago.
i have alot of things to say , but if you
asked me to say one thing about norway it would be that
this school here is shit.
hey, if you live in the U.S never move.
you don't realize you got it made.
Anyway more about me, i play eletric guitar,
bass guitar and i sing. i used to barrel race and live on a
farm before i moved here.
so ask me (wat have i been up 2 latley?)

i would say, "nothing much just wrote a song , and
did a performance with my voice lesson teacher saterday.
hey, if you want to be friends with me thats okay.
i dont have any friends here yet..
as you know i LOOoOoOvVe music, so if thats
one of your topics come and talk to me.
my favorite bands name is Insane Clown Posse.
sometimes known as I.C.P. yes , they do wrestle if you
know about them and wanna ask me.
the music they make is HORROR CORE RAP/ROCK
its really kewl and if you wanna check them out
on the internet then there must be a million web sites.
one of my favorite is slim anus.
i dunno you might not like that , but i am down with the
clown till im dead in tha ground.
check out the new cd the wraith.
peace out

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