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2001-08-28 02:46:45 (UTC)

I have a headache

I just noticed that my title for every entry is a gripe!lol
Oh well...Let's see today went ok for a monday. I keep
forgetting it takes me longer to get to work than it used
to. I had a dr's appt and he continued my prescription and
made me an appt with a doc about sleep disorders...I think
I have restless leg syndrome...if anyone else has this
please email me. Hopefully itwill help my depresssion. I am
trying to find a gf over the net but i am kinda leery about
it. I want a lipstick not a butch..who knows it may just
cause me more trouble in the long run. My district manager
is coming in the store tomorrow with my supervisor. Oh love
the stress. Hopefully it will go well. New girl starts
tonite. Hope she does good and lasts longer than the
others. I need someone with a brain to work for me! SO I
CAN TAKE A VACATION! I want to make a list:
1)Eminem 2)Ryan Phillipe 3)Angelina Jolie 4)Drew Barrymore
5)Mark Davis 6)PT Cruisers 7)prowlers 8)my man 9)cats 10)
any animals 11)magazines(it's an addiction) 12)Russell
Crowe 13)Tori Amos 14)Godsmack 15)porn 16)reading 17)
stephen king 18)john saul 19)maeve binchy 20)self help
books 21)j.lo 22)online journals(reading them)23)girls
24)boys 25)quiet confidence 26)flirting 27)sleeping

that's all for head is pounding

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